To provide an opportunity for girls to learn the game of lacrosse, fair play, teamwork and an appreciation for the game.

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We updated uniforms in 2018 and will have the girls wear the same uniforms in 2023.  Numbers are automatically assigned.  Sisters are given the same number so uniforms can be passed down.  The online store is now closed, but will open later this month.

It is expected that all girls wear this uniform for games and the tops for every practice.  You may want to order tops one size up so girls can wear the tops over sweatshirts in practice.  For tops grades 1/2 generally wear youth S/M or L/XL, grades 3/4 youth L/XL, grades 5/6 adult S/M, grades 7/8 adult L/XL

Girls have the choice of a skirt or shorts for the bottoms.




Below please find information regarding the uniform fit and sizing. Measurements of each uniform piece are included to make it easier for you to discern your daughter’s best size. A helpful hint is to measure a top and skirt that fits your daughter well (maybe with a bit of room to grow- we will be playing from March-June) and compare that to the measurements provided. 
Tops are a boxy, looser and a more sporty fit based on feedback from previous years.
Youth tops are available in s/m or l/xl combo sizes. Measurements taken from shoulder seam to hem, and across chest.
Measurements of youth tops:
s/m - 20.5” length     17.5” width 
l/xl - 21.5” length       18.5” width
Adult tops are also available in s/m or l/xl combo sizes 
Measurements of adult tops:
s/m - 24” length     19” width 
l/xl - 26” length       21” width
Skirts are elastic waist and are available in a full range of sizes from youth S to adult XL
Measurements of skirts laid flat* are as follows: 
Youth skirt waist and length:
S - 9.5” waist     12” length 
M - 10.5” waist   12.5” length
L - 11.5” waist     13” length
XL - 12.5” waist  13.5” length
Adult skirt waist and length
S - 12.5” waist     14” length
M - 13.5” waist    15” length 
L - 14.5” waist     15.5” length
XL - 15.5” waist   16.5” length
*please note the skirts were measured laid flat with elastic unstretched so the measurement of the waist is half the total waist and the elastic will give a bit. 


Information on shorts will be posted soon.


Below is a rough mock up of the uniforms