To provide an opportunity for girls to learn the game of lacrosse, fair play, teamwork and an appreciation for the game.

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We have NGL players with each of these clubs.  They are all competitive clubs in the Boston area and play in many of the same tournaments during the year. We are not affilited with any of these clubs and also do not endorse any club.  


Bay State Bullets- smaller club, play with same coach/team all year


Tryouts: 8/1 and 8/4

Grades: 2-11



FALL-  Saturday or Sunday afternoon/evening at Lincoln Fields in Lexington, Framingham State University, and the Edge in Bedford.

WINTER-  Practices and indoor winter clinics are held on Saturdays and Sundays in the morning/afternoon at Teamworks in Northborough and the Edge in Bedford.  

SPRING-  All spring league (NECLL) games and spring practices are held on Saturdays in the afternoon/evening.  Held at Lincoln Fields in Lexington, Framingham State University, and the Edge in Bedford.

SUMMER- Week night practices hosted at Lincoln Fields in Lexington, Framingham State University, and the Edge in Bedford.

Tournaments: we play in a number of tournaments each year


Laxachusetts- larger club, founded 2012



Tryouts: open tryouts for anyone 7/24 and 7/25, call back tryouts for returning players and players asked back after open tryouts 8/17 and 8/18

Grades: 3-11



We offer weekly practices during the fall (Saturday/Sunday mornings)/winter (Sunday afternoons and shooting nights during the week) and summer months (Wednesday/Thursday evenings).  During the winter, we offer position specific shooting/stick work days.  Our youth teams participate in an In-House Spring Youth League (Saturday afternoons, alternating between Waltham and Weymouth) that players may sign up for a la carte. 

Practice locations include The Edge in Bedford, Compete Sports in Norwood, Union Point in Weymouth as well as a few others.  You can sometimes choose which location you go to and other times you don't have a choice.

Youth: Typically we offer 1-2 tournaments per month that players may sign up for.  Players may choose what tournaments they can attend depending on their schedule.  Tournaments require an additional fee.  Laxachusetts requires that players participate in at least two summer tournaments unless arrangements are made before taking a spot in the program. Teams change each tournament as it depends who signs up for which tournament.


Mass Elite- larger club, founded 1999



Tryouts: 8/11 and 8/18 most likely

Grades: 3-11



There are 1-2 practices a month from September to February.  Youth teams have spring practices and tournaments- there are typically 6 spring practices on Saturday evenings in April and May.  Summer practices in June and July are weekly for high school and youth teams.  There are generally 4-5 tournaments per season (fall, winter and spring- youth only and summer).  Players choose what tournaments to attend.



You are encouraged to attend all practices and expected to attend as many tournaments as possible.  Tournament teams are based on skill and attendance.

Revs- medium size club


Tryouts: you must e-mail for tryout opportunities

Grades: 3-12


Fall and winter there is 1 practice per week.  You can choose from a few locations.  Closest is Boston on Sunday mornings.  Spring there is 1 practice per week- Boston on Sunday mornings.  Summer there is a weekday practice depending on tournament attendance.  There are tournaments offered fall, winter, spring and summer.