To provide an opportunity for girls to learn the game of lacrosse, fair play, teamwork and an appreciation for the game.

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Mandatory Equpiment:

Lacrosse stick: women's lacrosse stick is used for grades 3-8, grades 1-2 can use a women's stick and loosen the pocket.  For the correct stick measurement:


Mouth Guard: cannot be clear or white

(This equipment can be purchased at most sporting good stores.  You can also check out Lacrosse Unlimited in Wellesley or Monkey Sports in Norwood)


Recommended Equipment:

Cleats for grass, cleats or turf shoes for turf (grades 5-8 will play most games on turf)

Water bottle for practices and games

Lacrosse gloves: especially early in the season sticks can be very cold


Optional Equipment:

Headgear: the product listing for SEI certified model is available here.